How to Buy Bitcoins

Anyone can purchase Bitcoins if they have a net banking account or credit card. If you have a Bitcoin dealer nearby, you can even purchase them with cash. Let us look at the various way of how to buy Bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoins Using Credit Card

You can buy bitcoins using credit card through many ways. There are exclusive platforms online that buy, sell and accept Bitcoin. You can use the service of these platforms available in your country. Some of the most sought after bitcoin platforms includes: accepts payments through credit cards. Buy Bitcoin
Cubits accepts all Visa and Mastercard payments. Buy Bitcoin
VirWox accepts all major credit cards via Paypal or Skrill. Buy Bitcoin
CoinMama allows you to use Western Union for purchasing Bitcoins. Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins Using NetBanking

You can purchase bitcoins by paying directly from your bank account online. Some of the platforms that accept payment through bank transfer include:

(for US only) allows users to sell or buy bitcoins instantly through any U.S. based bank account. Buy Bitcoin
helps you purchase bitcoins through bank wire transfer. Buy Bitcoin
has an easy to use interface that helps you purchase bitcoins from bank accounts all over the world. Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins Using Cash

Those who wish to pay cash for purchasing bitcoins can use many platforms that offer this facility. These include:

where sellers and buyers located nearby can meet and exchange Bitcoins using Skrill, wire transfer, Money Bookers as well as by paying cash. Buy Bitcoin
helps buyers purchase bitcoins using a cash deposit or SEPA transfer. Buy Bitcoin
BitBrothers LLC enables customers to buy the bitcoins in cash, money orders, cashier’s checks as well as MONEYGRAM to a specified location. Buy Bitcoin
(for Australia only) users can buy bitcoins by paying cash over the counter at any local bank branch. Buy Bitcoin

Other Methods to Buy Bitcoin

There are versatile other methods to buy bitcoin. Some of the processes include:

You can buy bitcoins using personal check on this website. Buy Bitcoin
enables US customers to buy bitcoin via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as Discover gift cards. Buy Bitcoin


There are many more options available to buy bitcoins that are not mentioned here. Just search for the platforms available in your region or country. However, be careful of scams. When sending money, make sure the operator is genuine and will not run away with your money. Many operators offer unreliable deals, as one does not know their real identity. Bitcoin service is not highly regulated service. Thus, many dishonest operators can scam innocent buyers of their money. Thus, exchange your credit card as well as bank account details with platforms that have strong reviews and user feedbacks. Also, Google can help you search more about a certain website or company.

Use the best option available to you and purchase Bitcoins for your online transactions.