Why Do I Need Modafinil ?

Modafinil was developed as a fatigue-buster drug. Soon, its other benefits came into the spotlight and soon the drug was prescribed for other health problems. From narcolepsy to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), shift work disorder to increased level of alertness, Modafinil became the 'Hero' to solve these problems.

What made Modafinil into a 'Superhero' was its non-addictive nature. You can stop taking Modafinil whenever you wish and start back again when you need it the most. You won't experience any aftereffects or withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking the drug. Yes, you will definitely miss the heightened alertness, increased concentration as well as crystal clear flow of thoughts.

Modafinil is used to treat post-opioid brain fog, methamphetamine abuse, Alzheimer's disease, as well as improve the enthusiasm level in generic patients. This drug does not cause euphoria as other stimulant drugs. Yet, it leads to feelings of positivity and a surge in agility.

Students, professors, corporate professionals, executives, blue chip employees, politicians as well as public speakers, etc. often use Modalert to break away from the shackles of laziness, fatigue, sleepiness, etc often use it. These individuals can focus more and show better cognitive endurance their peers. Their mental agility is at the best, helping them focus more and solve problems easily.

How Much Should I Take to Get the Most Out of Modafinil?

It is always better to ask your doctor about the correct dosage of Modafinil according to your health and requirement. Generally, half a tablet or 100mg of Modalert is enough to battle the evil of fatigue. This dose is enough to chug you through the day without any issues. Those who need a bit more than just fighting off fatigue should take more than 100mg of Modalert. You need to take half a tablet in the morning and the other half around lunchtime.

The half-life of Modalert is about 15 hours. So, one pill or even half a pill is enough to keep you happily focused and alert all through the day. However, if you are suffering from sleeping disorders, this drug is not for you.

Speak to a doctor before taking the Modalert and clear any doubts regarding the dosage. Also, go through the side effects of Modafinil before you being using this wonder drug.