When You Need More Than Just Coffee

August 22, 2016

Coffee is the best thing that ever happens to you in the morning. The sharp roasted smell of coffee is enough to snap you out of a monotonous or drowsy state in the morning. People are dependent on coffee. They cannot survive with their hot cuppa coffee. Some call it as a fuel for their brains and bodies that keep them going through the day.

Now, that was just an emotional explanation of a coffee lover about how coffee helps them survive. If we speak of coffee in chemical terms, it contains caffeine and is chemically considered as, ahem, drug! You see, caffeine affects your CNS or central nervous system. The effects of caffeine are similar to methylxantine class of psychoactive substances. This means the kick you get out of coffee is due to its chemical interaction within your body.

Many tend to gulp down cups of coffee all through the day. Starbucks is making big bucks due to this coffee addiction of many. It keeps one awake to keep chugging through the day without feeling drowsy. The minute the effects wears off, you sprint towards the coffee machine for another cup.

At times coffee is just not enough to improve your mental concentration, alertness, wakefulness as well as clear your cloudy mind on a day when you are neck deep with urgent work. You need something more. Something that keeps you awake through the day, clear the clogged pipes to let the ideas flow better, remain focused even when the job at hand is the most boring job in the world!

If something is what you too are looking forward to then Modafinil is your answer. Modafinil is a drug prescribed by renowned doctors to help one improve performance and productivity. It is much better than caffeine. Just 400g of Modafinil has the same benefits as 6 cups of coffee.

Too much caffeine is also not great for your system. It can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, muscle twitches, breathing problems, anxiety, increased heart rate, sweating, etc.

But there is a better alternative to coffee. Modafinil and I have already mentioned it earlier.

Modafinil is the New Coffee

Well, not exactly coffee, but a better alternative. Just pop a pill, half if you are first time user. And voila! You will know nothing better than Modafinil to improve your concentration and focus. You will have a tunnel vision that keeps you focused on your work all day.

You won’t find sleep giving you a problem anymore during work time. No more yawning and trying to shake things up through a taxing day. Modafinil won’t let you tire out or burn out easily.

Modafinil was initially prescribed for narcolepsy. However, healthy adults too can use Modafinil without any fear, as it is almost side effect free.

What if Modafinil is a habit-forming drug? What if I become addicted to it? There is always a catch when you use prescription drugs, especially mind-altering drugs. That’s the beauty of Modafinil that there is no catch. It is not a habit-forming drug and you don’t become dependent on it. There are no withdrawal symptoms as well.

You can stop taking Modafinil whenever you want and pop one when you need it the most. Yes, the only thing you may miss is the clear focus and alertness. After Modafinil, getting back to normal may seem difficult.

So, if you think coffee or a Red Bull is just not enough, try Modafinil. Speak to your doctor and get more from life with Modafinil.


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