Modafinil: Here’s why Modafinil is used as Smart Drug

July 10, 2017

The "smart drug" Modafinil actually works for some people not only to improve their performance on long and complex tasks but also to improve decision making capability and planning skills.

What is it?

It is a nootropic that, although in principle presents a low level of addiction, the experts consider that it should not be taken lightly since for some people it can be a serious problem of addiction as the drug acts by releasing dopamine in a sustained manner. In addition, side effects include nausea, headache, muscle pain, anxiety and bowel problems (diarrhea). Some people compare its effect with that of amphetamine, although unlike it, the effect is slower and less euphoric.

Effects of Smart Drug

With psycho-stimulant effect, it improves the attention and increases the capacity of processing and adaptation to new situations. But not only students who get pressurized by test dates and the academic record are potential consumers of this smart drug, but also workers with heavy responsibilities or night shifts to withstand the vigil.

Sometimes it becomes embarrassing in some circumstances when the natural phenomenon of sleep takes over the meeting and conferences. This may not be intentional, but definitely, a medical condition that can be recovered with the right treatment. The drug modafinil is of great help to treat these conditions. Here are a few things that one needs to know the way this drug works and the effect it can have on the human body.

Modafinil 200 mg is of great importance in cases of sleep apnea. Hypersomnia as well can be well treated with this drug. This range of drugs is also called as smart drugs as it is very precise in its action and the area to perform drug reaction. It only reduces sleepiness during the day and makes sure that the normal night's sleep is not disturbed as much as possible.

They also act as memory enhancers in some cases. Students, therefore, can use in small doses to increase memory power, which in turn is the result of the effect created by the drug in the neurological part of the human system. Modafinil is usually prescribed to treat narcolepsy, that is, people who tend to fall asleep. Therefore, some doctors also prescribe it to workers who undergo rotational shifts.

Emergency doctors who consume this substance perform their tasks more proactively. They also described themselves as more alert and mentally agile. Pilots who had not slept for 40 hours, also showed greater skills in the flight simulator. Modafinil may also mask the signs of a physical need for sleep, and in patients with a history of psychosis, emotional instability, and other psychotic disorders; modafinil should be administered with caution.

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