How Does Armodafinil Work for Attention Deficit Disorder?

November 4, 2017

In this blog, we will be explaining the mechanism that allows Armodafinil to treat people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Though categorization of psychoactive drugs is difficult, scientists have tried to divide them into four categories, namely: tranquillizers, depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. The basis of this categorization is their functionality. For instance, depressants and tranquillizers are commonly used to treat the conditions of fear, anxiety, and tension while stimulants are used to relieve fatigue, depression, and stress.

ADD/ADHD is a very prevalent disorder that affects 3-9% of school-age children and around 5% of adults. Armodafinil, which is a psychostimulant that has a waking effect, is one of the many drugs that is used to treat ADD/ADHD.

Modafinil consists of R-enantiomer and S-enantiomer, of which, the R-enantiomer has a greater waking effect. With the help of this knowledge, a new variation of this drug was created called Armodafinil. Armodafinil is composed of just R-enantiomer and thus produces a far better effect than modafinil. In fact, it is said that armodafinil is twice as strong as modafinil.

Both modafinil and armodafinil form a part of amphetamine family. Amphetamine maintains alertness by inhibiting the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine. This consequently leads to the secretion of catecholamines from the vesicles of neuronal cells. The domaine and related neurotransmitters pass through a predefined circuitries, which are called reward circuits. Thus, the working mechanism of armodafinil must be the same.

A number of studies have been conducted to investigate the working mechanism of armodafinil. These researchers have shown that it stimulates various chemicals like histamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and so on. However, the researchers have not been able to find the exact location where it acts. The understanding regarding how armodafinil helps in treating ADD/ADHD patients is still incomplete but thankfully, it is increasing.

You can easily buy armodafinil online and the best part is that it has no side-effects. The number of people who buy armodafinil online is constantly increasing because it is helpful in treating a number of mental disorders other than ADD/ADHD. Furthermore, the healthy population has also started consuming it. Many hardworking students and working professionals are using this drug when they need to get through their extra work.


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